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Kawan Selamanya

Sunday, October 28, 2012

terkejut2 hari ni

satu2 masalah timbul..tetibe ade orang lain lak luah perasaan.ape kejadah ye tgh2 mlm cenggini..selama ni anggap adik je kot..adoyy..tak sangka langsung..

perbualan ni kat fb :

faisal  : akakk
sy : yee
faisal : rindu
sy : haha
faisal : gelak !! erkk orang serius ni
cmne stdy
ke de mslh lg?
faisal :
Dah okeyh dah
Ada azam bru
Cemburu nan membe2 amik fast track
sy : bguih..xmo benti noh
faisal : 
Time tgh tension
Mmg lahh
sy : xpe...rezeki msing2
faisal :
Akak nak ckap satu bnda
Open mind skit tau
sy : ape die
faisal :
Saya suka akak dah lama
Alamakk malunyaa!
sy : hahahaa sjk bler
faisal : sjk skola dulu
tp npe akk plak
n xde tnda2 pon
suke ke ape
faisal :
Tppi snyap je
sy : xde tnda pon..mcm bese je tgk
faisal :adalah
sy: are u serious?
faisal : serius
sy : xdpt nk agk pon
 faisal : 
Mcm mna nak describe ekk
sy : ce cte btol2
faisal :
Bila dpat tgok akak kan
Msti trsnyum
Mcm otot2 pipi ni automatik
2 tandanya?
oh yke
sbb ase cm bese jee
sbb akk pn ske snyum
snyum kt org2
pasan kan?
faisal :  Urmm,k
Serius susah nak ckap cmna
sy :
how long simpn feeling tu
now bru nk ckp?
ase cm terkezut gak
faisal : 
Tpii sya suka akak lah
I2 je.urmm,kalau akak xsuka.sorry,jgan lpas ni da xkwan sudah.
Lama kott
Nak ckap malu
sy: laaaa
faisal :
Tpi kalau simpan
Sya akan mcm agak menyesal lah
Npe xckap dri dulu
sy : 
ptt laa
ase cm dh leh npk ckit
ptt la dlu asl de eby je
msti faisal ade skali
mngacau kn
kt library
kt mn2 jelaaa
faisal : Haha.taktik ngorat dulu cam2 lahh.
sy :
tp still xthu lg time tu
ase cm kwn2 bese jee
mean eby pn xthu la ni??
isi hati sume tu
faisal : ebi xthu

conclusion ye kat cini budak ni my junior kat sekolah dulu..patut la dulu die men rampas2 makanan aku..upe ye suke kat aku..seriously memang tak perasan dan tidak tahu..just anggap macam kawan2 bese je..lorrhh ..adik kot..sorry adk..akak dah ada yang punye..ini yang susa lau berkawan ni..kte kwn bese2 je..org anggp len kan..sabau jelaa..adk2...maap ye adk...

menghitung hari ke langkawi

"To be truly Fascinated by the Amazingly Beautiful
Pulau Langkawi Attractions,
You've got to come here and see it for yourself!" 
Langkawi is an archipelago comprising a group of 99 beautiful tropical islands in the Andaman Sea, lying about 30 km off the North-Western coast of Peninsular Malaysia.
These islands are part of the state of Kedah and are adjacent to the Thai border. The main island in Langkawi is Langkawi Island, or more popularly known by the locals as Pulau Langkawi.
The name "Langkawi" is derived from two words, "Lang" and "Kawi". "Lang" in the Malay language means eagle. You may be asking, "Eagle? What has this island got to do with eagles?" Well, in the past, Langkawi was actually home to innumerable eagles.
"Kawi" on the other hand is Sanskrit for marble. "Why marble?", you may ask again. Well, this is due to the fact that marble is found in excess here in Langkawi. Hence the name Langkawi.
Pulau Langkawi is famous for its intriguing legends and scenic beauty. One of the most intriguing legends surrounding this beautiful Island is the "Curse of Mahsuri".
Mahsuri's PortraitLegend has it that Langkawi Island was cursed by a beautiful woman by the name of Mahsuri. She was married to the local chieftain's brother, Wan Darus.
Mahsuri's mother-in-law was extremely jealous of her beauty and popularity. One day, during the absence of Mahsuri's husband who had gone off to war, she took the opportunity to rid Mahsuri by accusing her of performing adultery.
As adultery was a sin punishable by death according to local laws during her time, Mahsuri was executed in public. Before her execution at Padang Mat Sirat, Mahsuri placed a curse on the island saying that the island and its future inhabitants will not prosper for seven generations.
Seven generations have passed since Mahsuri's curse on Langkawi. Today, Pulau Langkawi is a Duty-Free island which has bloomed into one of the top tourist destinations in the world.
All goods sold in this island are exempted from government tax. Therefore, this legendary Island is a haven for shoppers! You only need to stay in Langkawi for a minimum of 48 hours to be able to take home a reasonable amount of tax free goods. (Isn't that interesting my fellow shoppers? So, what are you waiting for?)
Mount Machincang GeoPark
Langkawi Island has recently been re-branded to Langkawi Geopark to better reflect the island's recognition by UNESCO as a World Geopark. Three of its main Geopark components are Mount Machincang Cambrian Geoforest Park, Kilim Geoforest Park, and Pulau Tasik Dayang Bunting (Island of the Pregnant Maiden).

Getting to Pulau Langkawi
So, how do you get to Langkawi Island, "The Legendary Island"? Simple! Just Click Here to find out how.

Getting Around Langkawi Island
Now that you know how to get Langkawi Island, what next? Want to know how to get around this beautiful legendary Island? Sure! My pleasure to share with you some helpful TIPS on "Getting Around Langkawi Island".

Langkawi Attractions
Langkawi Island is home to some of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Malaysia. Here are just some of the attractions that I'd like to share with you. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!
Dataran Lang (Eagle Square)
Langkawi Crocodile Farm
Langkawi Cable Car
Langkawi Underwater World
Langkawi Craft Complex
Langkawi Galeria Perdana

copy paste !

adik punye kawan nak ngorat kite la sekali...hahahahaa budak ni...lawak tol..umo 14 thn kott :p