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Saturday, October 27, 2012

layan barbie

barbie : the diamond castle =)

pg td bangun2 je layan cite barbie..ok so what ? bia la nk layan barbie pon. seronok tahu tak. .
even dah umo 20 pon..cite barbie tetap dalam pilihan..cite feveret tau..xleh miss stiap hr sabtu !
mesti nak tengok..lau xsempat tengok..u-tube kan ade. leh tengok . hehee =)
dulu2 layan cite kartun spice girls ..3 orang penyiasat gugurl tu..besh jugak..tp cite tu xdak dah.
so layan jela cite barbie..rse cm nk beli je stuff2 barbie ni wt koleksi..tersangat laa comel :D
tak jemu tengok even ulang2 episod.tapi setakat yang sempat tengok.xdak pon ulang.

ni sinopsis die..lau korang nak tengok balik..tengok la kat u-tube k..search jer..gerenti dapat

The story opens with Barbie and Teresa playing music on their guitars when Barbie's little sister Stacy comes storming in upset about a fight she and Courtney just had. Barbie decides to tell Stacy the story of two friends, Liana and Alexa. These two friends come across a magical mirror and a new friend trapped inside. Liana and Alexa go on an amazing adventure escaping dangerous tricks and even a disagreement amongst themselves to save the Diamond Castle and the world of music from the hand of the evil muse Lydia.

n now nak layan episod len lak

barbie: A fashion fairytale

 The movie begins with the director of her latest film, The Princess and the Pea, firing Barbie for daring to express her opinion. This leads to Ken breaking up with our heroine, and subsequently Barbie decides to move to Paris to live with her Aunt Millicent. All is not well in Paris however, as Barbie discovers her Aunt's fashion house is in danger of being closed down due to design theft. Ken, realizing he's acted hastily, embarks to Paris to attempt a reconciliation. Meanwhile, Barbie meets up with three "Flairies," Shimmer, Glimmer and Shyne, who, thanks to their magical gifts, show Barbie some new designs that could save the fashion house


jom layan =) babaiii , assalamualaikum

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